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About BMX Racing

About BMX Racing



BMX Racing started in the late 1960s, as “kids from the neighborhood” in Southern California mimicked the motorcycle stars of the day riding on dirt lots that were at the end of many streets back then.

They taped paper pie plates to their handlebars with the number of their favorite motocross hero, and raced around, twisting their right hand grip and making motorcycle sounds.


It didn’t take long before those neighborhood kids met up with kids from other neighborhoods, ultimately leading to the first organized BMX race in July of 1969 at Palms Park in Santa Monica, CA. 


From its early roots, BMX Racing was a family sport. Moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents all came out to the track to cheer-on their racer. Some volunteered to be a starter, scorer, announcer or corner marshal. Sisters and brothers started racing or became the official family photographer. Other adults coached the kids in their little group.


Fast-forward 47 years, and BMX Racing is still every-bit a family sport as in those early days.


Modern-day BMX Racing welcomes riders from four years old to well-over 60 yrs of age. Fun fact: The eldest BMX racer is Phares Parsons from Georgia, at 82. Three generations of the Parsons family frequently race together at events throughout the South.


“Riding bikes” has created some of the best childhood memories for generations. And though kids don’t ride around the neighborhood like they used to, the local BMX track is the perfect place to continue that two-wheeled tradition of fun, family and fitness.

Photo: Stephen Greco - Valley Focus Media

About the League

About the League



BMX Racing is an individual sport. Everyone rides, every time, regardless of how proficient or inexperienced. That is one of the key benefits most new families list when asked why they like the sport. “Nobody Rides the Bench in BMX Racing.”

The League allows new families to learn how the sport works, and riders to progress gradually, riding only with other beginners. At this level, the focus is on fun, developing bike handling skills, spending quality family time, and meeting new friends.

In addition to all instruction & racing, each BMX Racing League season includes a League jersey, number plate, end-of-season award & pizza party, as well as access to loaner bikes & helmets.

Participants are encouraged to complete two League seasons before graduating up to the track's “Open Racing” program, as Novices. 

Local League Programs

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League FAQ
  • How is BMX racing a “family sport?”
    BMX Racing is the ultimate family sport because it encourages all members of the family to come out to the track and cheer on their racer. Whether it's on the track, on the sidelines, or even on a bike; it is not uncommon to see three generations experiencing the fun, fitness, and quality time brought on by our amazing sport. Families come together at the BMX track in a way they don’t with most other traditional sports.
  • How does the BMX Racing League work?
    Participants enroll in a six-week "season," which includes five weeks of instruction & one week of open racing, in their very own Beginners-only environment. The one-time, all-inclusive tuition provides racers with a jersey, number plate, end-of-season award, pizza party, and free use of loaner bikes & helmets. BMX Racing League is designed to provide new families with all the tools, knowledge and enjoyment they need to love our sport.
  • What equipment does my rider need to participate?
    Your rider needs a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and closed-toe shoes. Helmet and bicycle are encouraged but not required. Our tracks have both available for use as a courtesy of BMX Racing League. Note: if you are to bring a bicycle please ensure all reflectors, chainguard and pegs are removed for safety purposes.
  • We don’t have a bike and/or helmet. Can we still participate?
    Yes! Loaner bikes & helmets are provided for use at no-cost to those enrolled. You'll reserve your equipment during the registration process.
  • What if we have to miss one or more of the sessions?
    Life happens, so if you must miss a session due to sickness or other obligations, please contact your League Coordinator to make them aware of your absence. Be advised that no "make-up" sessions are available.
  • My rider can’t ride a two-wheeler yet, can s/he still be part of the league."
    Unfortunately, all League riders must be proficient in riding a two-wheeled pedal bike, without training wheels.
  • What awards will the riders receive?
    Specific awards vary on a League-by-League basis, but all riders will be acknowledged upon completion of their season. A “Podium Award” will be given to the top three riders (by points) in each racing class, while others will receive a “Progression Award” to recognize the dedication and effort they put forth on the track. It is important to make the distinction between our “progression” award and the “participation” trophy some sports give, just for enrolling. Each rider works hard to progress at his/her own pace and that needs to be rewarded.
  • What’s the difference between the BMX Racing League program and the normal racing at my track?
    There are two main differences between the League program and “Open Racing": 1) BMX Racing League is a strictly Beginners-only program. Existing racers are not eligible to participate. 2) In the League, participants sign up for a five week "season." Which includes their very-own instruction and racing sessions, along with other benefits. Open Racing involves three categories of riders (Novice, Intermediate, and Expert), and has a "show up to sign up" policy. These races are paid through a per-event fee. So riders may race as much (or as little) as they want.
  • My rider has a USA BMX membership, can s/he participate in the League?"
    USA BMX members are ineligible to participate. This program is designed for riders who are brand new to the sport.
  • Have additional questions?
    Please contact or call our toll free number below.
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