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You have questions, we have answers!

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we receive. 

  • Have additional questions?
    Please email - or call our number - 480.961.1903
  • How often are the BMX Racing League seasons?
    It is at the track's discretion when they will host a BMX Racing League and they can host up to 10 seasons a year. If you miss a season, do not fret and just be on the look out for future seasons or for another track in your area.
  • My rider has a USA BMX membership, can s/he participate in the League?
    Unfortunately, the BMX Racing League would not be beneficial to those with an active or expired Full Membership because the rider would forfeit the ability to participate in any sanctioned events including practices. BMX Racing League is to provide brand new riders, that have never experienced BMX Racing before, a focused and structured environment so they can build their skills and confidence levels to step out into Open Racing. Our best suggestion, is to get with your Track for clinic times and inquire about their USA BMX Licensed Coaches for 1-on-1s. We will allow expired or active Balance Bike Memberships, STACYC, and 1 Day Memberships.
  • What equipment does my rider need to participate?
    Your rider needs a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and closed-toe shoes, come Week 2 they will be given their league jersey to wear the rest of the season. Helmets and bikes are encouraged but not required as you will have access to free loaner bikes and helmets, however they are on a first-come first-serve basis. Finally, a water jug to stay hydrated! **NOTE: If you are bringing a bike, please ensure all reflectors, chain-guard, and pegs are removed for safety purposes. Please ensure brakes are functioning properly.**
  • My child doesn't know how to ride a pedal bike, can s/he participate?
    Unfortunately, the BMX Racing League curriculum is designed for riders 4-15 who can ride a pedal bike. We recommend connecting with your local track to see if they offer Balance Bike practices or racing.
  • What happens if we have to miss one or more sessions in a season?
    Life happens, so if you must miss a session due to sickness or other obligations, please contact your League Coordinator to make them aware of your absence. Be advised that no "make-up" sessions are available.
  • How does BMX Racing League work?
    BMX Racing League is designed to provide new families with all the tools, knowledge, and enjoyment they need to love our sport. Participants enroll in a six-week "season", which includes five weeks of instruction, in their very own beginners-only environment, and one week of Open Racing. The one-time, all-inclusive tuition provides league members a jersey, number plate, an end-of-the-season award, pizza party, free use of loaner bikes and helmets, and a FULL one-year USA BMX membership to continue their BMX Racing journey.
  • What award will my rider receive?
    Awards will vary on a league-by-league basis but all riders will be acknowledged upon completion of their season. Podium Award - Given to the top 3 riders (by points) in each racing class Progression Award - Given to all others to recognize the dedication and effort they put forth on the track It is important to make the distinction between our "Progression" award and the "Participation" trophy some sports give, just for enrolling. Each rider works hard to progress at his/her own pace and that is what needs to be rewarded.
  • What's the difference between the BMX Racing League program and Open Racing at my local track?
    There are two main differences between the league program and Open Racing: 1. BMX Racing League is strictly a beginners-only program. Existing racers are not eligible to participate. 2. In the league, participants sign up for a five week "season", which includes their very own instruction and racing sessions, along with other benefits.
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