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Coaching Renewal

Leagues can not be run without at least one active USA BMX Licensed Coach. If you are currently expired or within 90 days of expiring, please look over the below information to obtain your renewed license. 

Coaching Renewal Requirements

USA BMX Coach Licenses must be renewed every year in order to remain valid. Most of these requirements are good for two years and some are only done one time. Please look over each requirement carefully in order to know what you will need for your renewal. Please submit all documents to

Renewal Application

The renewal application is the start of the process and must be done every year. You may click the Renew Now button above to launch the application.

Background Check

Your next step is to submit a background check. You must submit one every two years and the process could take a few weeks. The cost for the background check is $20.50 and required in order to make your coaching payment. Click here to submit your background check.

Adult and Pediatric First Aid CPR

Another requirement that requires to be updated every two years is a Basic Adult and Pediatric First Aid CPR certification. This certification must be from a recognized and reputable National and/or State/Provincial Level organization (i.e. American Heart Association, American Red Cross, EMS Rating, etc.). Click here for a qualifying online course with ProTrainings for $39.95. 

DO NOT SEND A BLS PROVIDER CARD UNLESS YOU ARE A FIRST RESPONDER OR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. If you are one, please send in a copy of your professional photo ID as well as a stand alone First Aid certificate as the BLS will cover your CPR portion ONLY.

CDC Heads Up Concussion

Concussions are not to be taken lightly and so all new and renewing coaches will have to submit a certificate of completion for the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Module for Youth Coaches. This course is online and the certification needs to be renewed every two years as well, the module can be found by clicking here.

New Rider Program Form

Local coaches are now required to complete and submit the New Rider Program Form. This form must be signed by your Track Operator and the Lesson/Clinic dates must be entered into the online scheduler and verified by the coaching department. To download the form, please click here.

Coaching Payment

The final step to obtain your renewed license is to make the coaching payment. The fee to be a coach for the year is $60.00. In order to make the payment, you must already have a credit/debit card on file or you will receive an error message. A coaching license does not give you the ability to race, you must have a race membership to race.

Track Operator Letter of Recommendation

If you will be coaching at a new track than the previous year, you will need to submit a new Track Operator Letter of Recommendation. Please click here to download.

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